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Trucking industry stakeholders are invited to participate in a public listening session next week about regulations relating to the design, development, testing and integration of autonomous trucks, or automated driving systems (ADS), as they are referred to in a Federal Register notice to be published Monday, June 11.
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A bill filed last week in the Senate would overhaul hours of service regulations for livestock and insect haulers. Chief among the changes would be the expansion of livestock/insect haulers’ available drive time, potentially allowing them to drive up to 18 hours in a 24-hour period if operating within a 300-air-mile radius of the start of their on-duty period. Read More

Most autonomous efforts in trucking today, including platooning testing and Freightliner’s 2015 Inspiration concept truck, involve Level II automation (partial automation) as defined by the Society of Automotive Engineers. These trucks simultaneously use a combination of advanced driver assistance systems to control steering, acceleration and braking. The driver is still required to maintain situational awareness of road conditions and traffic and be ready to assume control instantly, similar to the way we use cruise control on the highways today. Read More

Effective immediately, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration will allow drivers to enter into personal conveyance status, whether the truck is loaded or not, to find the nearest safe parking or rest location after their hours of service are exhausted by a shipper/receiver or off-duty periods are interrupted by law enforcement. Read More

Nearly 250,000 service members leave the military every year. That’s a potential labor pool five times larger than the estimated number of vacancies in the for-hire trucking industry. Read More

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration this weekend issued an emergency declaration that suspends hours of service regs for truckers hauling relief loads and emergency supplies to states in the potential path of Subtropical Storm Alberto, which is expected to make landfall on the Florida panhandle late Monday. Read More

With another gain in diesel prices last week, truckers are paying at least $3 per gallon in all regions across the country for the first time in over three years. Read More

Trucking companies, drivers and other trucking industry stakeholders will have the opportunity this summer to attend training sessions put on by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance about roadside inspections. Read More

The Trucking Alliance, a coalition of some of the country’s largest trucking companies, is pressing Congress to require applicants for truck driving jobs to be screened for drug use via hair sample test, rather than the current urine test requirement. Read More

In October 2017, a top-performing driver for Oakley Transport crossed the centerline of a bridge at approximately 4 a.m. A windshield-mounted Bendix AutoVue camera system detected the lane departure and instantaneously shared event data with an in-vehicle SmartRecorder device from SmartDrive. Read More

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