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Drivers Legal Plan, a national law firm that defends truck drivers exclusively, is celebrating more than a quarter-century of operation this month.

Jim Klepper founded the company in 1991 with input from trucking industry executives who were concerned that the advent of CDLs could lead to unnecessary traffic convictions and have detrimental effects on driver safety profiles and retention records. Read More

Electrification of the U.S. commercial vehicle market is imminent as both incumbent OEMs and EV specialists are introducing electric trucks. Read More

Are you fishing with a net or a spear?

In other words, are you attracting best-fit drivers with your ads or are you wasting time with unqualified leads? You need ads that make it easy to attract, recruit and hire the drivers you want while avoiding the drivers you don’t. Read More

Hurricanes surprise very few people. In most cases, landfall (timeframe and location) and severity are known hours – if not days – in advance, but they consistently create logistical logjams for inbound and outbound freight. Read More

Many surprising things have happened in the last 19 months, but the number of people currently sitting on the labor pool sidelines is one I would have never seen coming.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the labor participation rate is sitting at near record levels – near record for how low it is. Read More

It’s been said that I am a thought leader and someone who thinks outside the box. After you read this column you will probably accuse me of not even knowing there is a box.

As I read articles and think about artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) it occurs to me many engineers are not thinking about this new technology landscape of AI for solving very old problems in the trucking industry. Read More

Headlines and soundbites sometimes are all we seem to have time for as we drown in the daily flood of information.

In-depth analysis takes time to absorb. Details can get lost. The story behind the headline is usually more complex and nuanced and so we miss it. Read More

North American Class 8 truck orders reached nearly 40,000 units in August, according to preliminary data released by FTR and ACT Research, and reached its highest mark in five months. Read More

President Joe Biden today blamed a sharp slow down in hiring for August on COVID and unvaccinated Americans as trucking pulled away with positive job growth. Read More

In addition to the emergency COVID relief hours of service waiver that was extended through November, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has also extended other COVID-related waivers dealing with licenses and medical certificates. Read More

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