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From telematics, to ELD and chatbots, trucking companies are aiming to keep up with the latest technology to stay competitive. However, no matter how impressive a new technological advancement is, if it’s too complex, more often, it ends up being more of a hindrance. Read More

The trucking industry is navigating complex terrain marked by fluctuating demand for freight movement. From global shippers to local delivery services, the need to transport products quickly and cost-effectively remains a constant. While overall growth is forecasted for the market, there is room for improvement. Read More

In the fleet world, just as in any business, there are known unknowns. We know they’re there, even if we can’t see them. Think of them as blind spots. And like blind spots, we want better visibility. Blind spots lead to unwanted eventualities, and nobody wants either. What everybody does want is to know what’s in those blind spots so they can eliminate them. Read More

Imagine for a moment that you have a high value shipment, say, a load of electronics, in transit. You know when the shipment was picked up and when it is supposed to be delivered, but what you don’t know is exactly where your shipment is right now and what condition it is in. Read More

The team at the National Motor Freight Traffic Association (NMFTA) sees a growing threat from cyberattackers and we’re working to prepare the trucking industry.

Digitization of the industry means that interactions between companies will move from on paper to online. Read More

North Carolina-based Solid Rock Carriers was hit with $27,000 worth of fuel card fraud in a single day via card skimming. Though the company was able to recoup the money, it had other ramifications when it came to addressing the fallout, including back-office stress and driver frustration.
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Three drivers named Women in Trucking’s Drivers of the Year

Women in Trucking's Drivers of the YearWomen in Trucking named its 2024 Drivers of the Year during a ceremony at the Mid-America Trucking Show on March 22.Women in Trucking Association Read More

Filling truck seats with driver talent is a constant hot topic in the trucking industry. Even recruiting diesel techs is regularly talked about. But attracting tech talent is often overlooked. Read More

The House Committee on Education and Workforce Thursday morning passed H.J. Res. 116, a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to nullify the Biden administration’s independent contractor rule. Read More

Welcome to California: home of beaches, mountains, deserts, and of course Regulations, Reporting, and Requirements. Oh my!

As folks were ringing in the New Year, many California fleets were also wringing their hands as they juggled multiple reporting requirements for several new fleet rules in the state. And these regulations are not only for those vehicles domiciled in California. Regulations have expanded to encompass vehicles that may occasionally roll through the state, with requirements for owners, operators, brokers and hiring entities. Read More

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