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A new report from cybersecurity company Coro predicts escalating cyber attacks on transportation and trucking companies that are supporting an already duressed supply chain this holiday season. Read More

Black Friday takes on a whole new meaning for carriers victimized by cargo theft over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Analyzing data over the past five Thanksgiving holidays – from the Tuesday before Thanksgiving to the Monday – CargoNet discovered 137 recorded thefts (an average of 27 per year), and that Thanksgiving 2020 was the most active period in the analysis with 40 thefts recorded. Read More

The DRIVE Safe Act, part of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill President Joe Biden signed into law on Monday, has created a pathway for drivers under 21 years old to enter interstate trucking just as it's become more vital, and more profitable, than ever before. Read More

After bottoming out in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, diesel fuel prices have climbed steadily the last 12 months, rising from the 2020 national average low of $2.372 per gallon during the week ending Nov. 2, 2020, to the 2021 high-to-date national average of $3.734 per gallon during the week ending Nov. 15, 2021. Read More

There has been a lot of discussion about a so-called driver shortage lately.

For the past 10 years of my trucking career, I’ve heard this mantra every year. The American Trucking Associations – a membership that includes some of the largest fleets in the U.S. – routinely reports 100%-plus turnover rates, and many of its members have continuously been challenged with driver retention. ATA's own economist asserts that there is a driver shortage of 80,000 drivers. Read More

Jury awards exceeding $10 million, known as nuclear verdicts, are on the rise in the trucking industry – and those decisions are making it tougher for transportation companies to stay in business.

According to a 2020 report from the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI), average verdicts in the U.S. trucking industry soared from just over $2.3 million to nearly $22.3 million between 2010 and 2018 – a 967% increase – and these settlements are still spiking after courts started reopening following COVID-related shutdowns. Read More

President Joe Biden on Tuesday laid out how the recently passed infrastructure bill will help the current supply chain crisis through port improvements, along with freight system improvements, including a truck parking assessment. Read More

I get it. You are a technology company competing for funding and media attention. You have the next best thing since sliced bread but if you can’t sell it, no one will know. The ends may seem to justify the means. After all, it’s business – the closest thing to war many of us see firsthand. But how you beat your path to success is important. Your company image is important. And despite a lot of examples to the contrary, your customers do remember. Read More

A week after ramming through a stopgap measure that extended highway funding past Thanksgiving, the House of Representatives Friday night passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill that provides $110 billion for roads, highways and bridges, along with money for the buildout of an electric vehicle infrastructure, water projects, the expansion of high-speed internet service, environmental cleanup and public transit. It also creates a training and apprenticeship program for under-21 commercial drivers to haul interstate. Read More


Cellular service providers will begin shutting down legacy 3G cell networks in 2022 and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is warning fleets and owner-operators to make sure their electronic logging devices are running on 4G or newer technology to remain compliant with the ELD mandate.

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