Driver Testimonials


  • Antonio V., Owner Operator, Lincoln, NE

    It took a six month suspension, and worrying where the next dollar would come from, for me to realize that Drivers Legal Plan® amounts to career protection I can't afford to be without.

  • Robert W., Van Buren, AR

    I was going to be suspended and fired for doing 40 mph on a motorcycle! Drivers Legal Plan® attorneys were able to get it reduced to a non-moving violation and saved my job.

  • Martin T., Phoenix, AZ

    On one ugly unpreventable wreck, Drivers Legal Plan® saved me about three thousand dollars in fees and got the ticket off my record. They truly saved my career.

Carrier Testimonials


  • C.R. England, Inc.
    Chad England, CEO

    When we considered the cost of replacing a driver that we might have been able to keep, along with the advantage to our CSA SMS of having their attorneys file automatic and free DataQ challenges, we concluded that offering Drivers Legal Plan was a no-brainer for us.

  • Maverick Transportation, LLC
    Dean Newell, VP of Safety and Driver Training

    We have had numerous incidents over the years where the timely, effective work of the Drivers Legal Plan attorneys has greatly reduced the liability exposure of our company. I could not begin to calculate how much they have saved us.

  • J.B. Hunt Transport
    Greer Woodruff, VP - Corporate Safety

    Free legal defense by Drivers Legal Plan for tickets written to our company has literally saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars in unwarranted overweight and out-of-route fines. The bottom line monetary benefit to our company is substantial, even before we consider how they support our drivers and safety initiatives.

  • KLLM Transport
    Wilson Risinger, VP of Safety & Risk Management

    In today’s CSA era for trucking, a driver must defend his MVR and SMS rating against any unwarranted points. Drivers Legal Plan law firm is simply the best and most affordable way for them to get that done.

  • John Christner Trucking Inc.
    John Christner, Owner/President

    We had prior experience with legal insurance/referral plans that, frankly, was not that good. Because of the all-around service and savings – we’ve experienced with Drivers Legal Plan, we now consider this law firm an invaluable part of our company, and wholeheartedly encourage our drivers to enroll.

  • Arkansas Trucking Association
    Shannon Newton, President

    Our association officially endorsed Drivers Legal Plan two decades ago, and our members’ participation has been substantial. The feedback from our Board and members has been 100% positive, and this law firm’s commitment to our industry is unrivaled.

A Message From The Arkansas Trucking Association

Arkansas Trucking Association's ad celebrates the essentiality of trucks and the people who drive them. This ad helps raise awareness about the contributions truckers make to our economy.

Why Choose Drivers Legal Plan?

Drivers Legal Plan was designed in 1991 by trucking company executives who recognized that with the advent of the CDL, unnecessary traffic convictions were going to have a deep and detrimental effect on their companies’ safety profiles and driver retention records. With DOT audits, CSA ratings, ELD Compliance, skyrocketing insurance and driver replacement costs, the days of “fire and rehire” are ending!

The basic concept of the Plan is simple: to make the highest quality legal representation available to the driver force, and to make it affordable.

How Does Drivers Legal Plan Benefit You?

Carrier Benefits

  • Minimize detrimental effects of CSA
  • Send the right message
  • Maintain DOT Compliance
  • Minimize Liability and Increase Safety
  • Lawsuit Immunity

Driver Benefits

  • Most affordable plan on the market
  • FREE DATAQ challenge included
  • Over 250,000 cases defended
  • Covered 24/7, in any vehicle you drive
  • No limit on attorney hours – start-to finish

You Can Trust The Most Experienced Management Team

Jim C. Klepper, Esq.
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Drivers Legal Plan is constantly addressing the safety and security of our customers. We maintain that our transaction process is extremely safe and that our customers' information is secure. If you have any questions about Drivers Legal Plan, please contact us.