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In the current CSA environment, you, as a commercial driver MUST contest all moving, non-moving, and DOT violations. Accrued points will severely curtail your employability. Let the nation's most experienced CDL Defense Law Firm protect your earning power.


The Driver Benefits of this Plan Include:

  • Most affordable plan on the market today
  • Deal direct with America's most experienced CDL Defense Law Firm
  • Over 350,000 cases defended
  • Covered 24/7, in any vehicle you drive
  • Not a referral/insurance agency, that might use a lawyer unfamiliar with CDL issues
  • No limit on attorney hours – start-to-finish
  • Members pay only $100 for any moving, non-moving, or DOT violation
  • $250 for simple accident (no loss of life or limb)
  • Other legal matters (drugs, alcohol, firearms, smuggling, etc.) covered at 1/3 normal agreed-in-advance legal fees
  • FREE DATAQ CHALLENGE included with plan

For commercial drivers, CDL Traffic Violations can negatively impact your good driving record and may mean the difference between a good paying job and unemployment. Any points on your driving record can affect your CSA score and, in some cases, lead to a CDL Suspension. If you’ve been a commercial driver for any length of time, you’re aware that your responsibilities on the road are greater than those enforced on the driver of the average passenger vehicle – and, therefore, the penalties for traffic violations are larger.

Although penalties vary from state to state, the following information will give you a general understanding of the most common traffic violations among truck drivers and how they can affect your record and CSA score. If you are not currently a licensed commercial driver and are interested in becoming one, you can find the general CDL Requirements here.

What Can Happen Without Drivers Legal Plan®?

Serious CDL Violations Include:

  • Speeding 15 MPH or Over
  • Reckless Driving
  • Improper Lane Change
  • Following Too Closely
  • Any Accident Involving a Fatality
  • Railroad Crossing
  • No CDL in Possession
  • Texting OR Using a hand held mobile telephone while operating a CMV


All Personal Vehicle Convictions Count Against CDL

In a 3 Year Period:

  • 2 Convictions = 60 Day Suspension
  • 3rd Conviction = 120 Day Suspension
  • 6 Months Total Suspension - $$$$$$

Q: Does a professional truck driver really need a legal plan?

A: Absolutely yes, more than any group of citizens in the country today. Only CDL drivers lose their ability to make a living over a couple of CDL tickets. Truck drivers are targeted by enforcement agencies and held to a completely different standard than other drivers. Now that all POV violations count against a driver's MVR, the accessible services of an experienced transportation attorney are an absolute must for a career driver.



Drivers Legal Plan® was designed by truckers in 1991 to make the highest quality legal representation affordable to the common driver. It is a true National Law Firm, completely dedicated to CDL defense, whose incredible experience and success actually put the odds back in the driver's favor.


The Cost is so Small; The Protection is so Vital:

If a driver needs legal representation to help save his job and protect his ability to make a living, he can now afford the best. This program is available to drivers on a credit card or bank draft basis for only $13.50 per month. The driver may also choose to enroll in the Plan for 6 months or one year by pre-paying $80 or $150, respectively. Team drivers require separate plans. That is only 43 cents a day to protect your driving career.

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