ELD Compliance

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Electronic Logging Device Compliance

The ELD rule outlines specific technical and performance requirements that define exactly what your device must feature. Some of these specifications include:

  • A connection to the truck’s engine
  • Features that allow drivers to log in and select from on-duty, off-duty, or on-duty-not-driving options
  • Graphic display of record of duty status visible to driver
  • Standardized data formatting that meet requirements for transmittal to law enforcement
  • Certification by the manufacturer that the device meets proper specifications

A complete list of registered ELDs that are compliant with FMCSA regulations is available at https://csa.fmcsa.dot.gov/ELD/List

If a carrier is charged with having a non-compliant or a malfunctioning device, they will have 8 days to replace or repair it.

Drivers charged with non-compliance after the electronic logging device mandate’s implementation on December 18, 2019 but before April 1, 2019, will be cited for having no log, but will not have points added to their CSA score.



Although you may use an ELD voluntarily if your truck was made in 1999 or earlier, it is not required by the rule. This includes trucks with engines manufactured before 2000 as well. However, you should ensure that the vehicle’s model year registration complies with National Highway Safety Administration regulations. There are circumstances in which there may be exceptions to the model-year rule, which can be found on the FMCSA website. Although you are not required to carry documentation in your truck that confirms the engine model year, it may be useful to keep these items with you.



Under the ELD rule, provisions are made to prevent the harassment of drivers related to ELD trucking data and reporting. Motor carriers are prohibited by the FMCSA from harassing drivers and will be subject to a penalty if charged.

The criteria outlined in the ELD rule to help prevent driver harassment includes:

    - A requirement for carriers to include a mute function on the ELD to ensure that drivers are not interrupted in the sleeper berth - ELD design specifications to allow only limited editing of ELD records by both driver and carrier. If allowed edits are made, a revised document will be retained in addition to the original and no changes can be made to the original.

Drivers who feel they have been harassed may file a written complaint within 90 days with the National Consumer Complaint Database or the FMCSA Division Administrator in the state where they are employed. Please note that complaints filed must be regarding a violation in which there is a connection to an ELD.