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ELD Trucking

Electronic Logging Device Enforcement

Electronic Logging Device Mandate

Electronic Logging Device Compliance


An electronic logging device is a piece of electronic hardware that installed in a commercial vehicle and attached to the engine to record driving hours and other related data. Reports can be generated by the driver and/or the carrier to safety officials in specified formats to ensure compliance with Hours of Service (HOS) regulations.


Electronic Logging Devices (ELD)


ELD trucking devices capture and record data automatically at pre-determined intervals, including: whether the engine is running and/or moving, the number of miles driven, duration of time the engine was in operation, date, time, location, and ID information of driver, authenticated user, vehicle and motor carrier.



If you already keep paper records of duty status, you may wonder if these will be sufficient for reporting. According to the mandate, paper RODS are not kept on an ELD or AOBRD will not be considered compliant. Printouts from ELDs that are synchronized with the vehicle are the only acceptable report that can be submitted to an authorized safety official.

You will be required to show supporting documents in your possession upon request during roadside inspections.

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