Michigan CDL Information

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Michigan CDL Information

Michigan residents who wish to operate any vehicle that is classified as commercial need to obtain a commercial driver license (CDL). The general guidelines for what vehicles are classified as commercial are as follows:

  • Any single vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 26,001 pounds or more
  • Any combination vehicle towing a trailer or other vehicles with a GVWR of 10,001 pounds or more when the gross combination weight rating (GCWR) is 26,001 pounds or more
  • Any vehicle designed to transport 16 or more people (including the driver) or carry hazardous materials in amounts requiring placarding

The only exemptions regarding the requirement for a CDL in Michigan are active-duty military operating military vehicles, police officers and firefighters operating authorized emergency vehicles, farmers operating vehicles within a 150-mile radius of their farm, and individuals operating motor homes or other vehicles used exclusively to transport personal possessions or family members for non-business purposes.


Michigan CDL Requirements

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