Nebraska CDL Requirements

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Nebraska CDL Requirements

Before you are eligible to apply for a CDL in Nebraska, you must obtain a Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP), which requires the following:

  • the driver is at least 18 years of
  • a valid driver’s license
  • proof of U.S. citizenship or lawful status
  • proof of completed Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT)
  • proof of residency in Nebraska (two documents with your Nebraska address required)
  • a valid Social Security Number
  • a completed Department of Transportation (DOT) medical examination conducted by a licensed medical examiner
  • a current copy of your Medical Examiner’s Certificate card
  • a passing score on your vision test, written tests, and skills test (for your CDL)

Please note the following before submitting any documents to the Department of Motor Vehicles:

  • Proof of identification must be presented at each visit. The digital imaged retained by the DMV cannot be used as proof of identification.
  • Documents and information will be verified for authenticity before being accepted
  • Documents must be certified with a raised seal or stamp
  • Faxed or photocopied documents will not be accepted
  • Documents are subject to departmental review and approval. In some cases, additional information may be required.
  • In some cases, document approval may not occur on the same day and may require an additional visit to the DMV.
  • Any document which states “NOT TO BE USED FOR PROOF OF IDENTIFICATION” will not be accepted for identity verification.
  • The DMV may retain copies of any document presented

Drivers who complete the above requirements and obtain their CLP must hold the CLP for 14 days or more before they can become eligible to take the CDL tests. The CLP is valid for 180 days. After 180 days, it is considered to be expired and all tests must be retaken. Drivers may apply for either an interstate CDL, which allows travel to states outside of Nebraska, or an intrastate CDL, which restricts driving to within the state of Nebraska. Drivers applying for an interstate CDL must be at least 21 years of age.

The CLP written test is made up of three subject areas: general knowledge, air brakes, and combination vehicles. Drivers must earn a score of at least 80% to be eligible to apply for a CDL. If you are applying for special endorsements such as eligibility to drive doubles and triples or tank vehicles, or to transport hazardous materials, you will also be required to pass additional tests specific to these endorsements.

Drivers who pass the CLP written test with a score of at least 80% and hold their CLP for at least 14 days may begin the CDL application process. Any driver who does not receive a score of at least 80% may retake the test after a 24-hour waiting period.

The CDL application process includes passing the CDL skills test. The skills test is made up of three parts: pre-trip inspection, basic vehicle control, and a road test. The road test portion must be taken in the same type of vehicle you will be driving (the DMV does not provide the vehicle). The test is conducted on public streets and requires the driver to demonstrate knowledge of skills in normal driving situations such as turning, approaching intersections, making a lane change, stopping and starting, and more. CDL skills tests are only given by appointment and must be taken through a state tester or a state-approved third-party tester.

Those applying for CDL in Nebraska must agree to a background check. All CDL holders are federally required to inform the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles of their intent to drive within or outsides of state boundaries and whether or not they are required to hold a medical certificate. Additionally, drivers who hold a CDL in Nebraska are required to report future traffic convictions and suspensions to both the state and their employer. Failure to report a conviction or suspension is a class 3 misdemeanor.