Nevada CDL Tickets

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If You Get A Ticket In Nevada

In the state of Nevada, the court system includes out-of-state tickets and traffic offenses in its judgments against commercial drivers who commit traffic violations. Additionally, fines and penalties are typically much more significant than those issued for offenses committed while in a personal vehicle. However, drivers should be aware that any points or suspensions received while in their personal vehicle may also be applied to their commercial license.

If you receive a ticket in your commercial vehicle, you will have a limited number of days to decide if you want to pay the ticket or request a hearing. It’s important to be aware that when you pay a ticket, you are essentially admitting guilt – and the conviction will be applied to your driving record. As a commercial driver, protecting your driving record is one of the most important things you can do for your career, so speak with a legal professional who has experience in truck driving law before you pay any ticket. Many times, it’s possible to reduce the impact on your record.

Please note that if you are driving a commercial vehicle in Nevada and you get a ticket in either your commercial OR personal vehicle, whether you pay it or decide to request a hearing, you must notify your employer within 30 days, even if you are currently appealing the charge.