North Dakota CDL Tickets

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If You Get A Ticket In North Dakota

As a commercial vehicle driver, you are automatically subject to stricter driving standards and harsher penalties for violations than drivers of personal vehicles. Commercial drivers are assigned points on their driving record for any violations, regardless of how minor. These points are on record with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and are accessible to any potential employer.

In North Dakota, commercial drivers can have their CDL suspended if convicted of certain violations or if too many offenses occur within a given period of time. Suspensions not only cause you to lose your income, they could cost you your job as well. That’s why it’s very important to be aware of the number of points on your record and to make sure you have experienced legal help on your side if you receive a ticket. A lawyer who is knowledgeable in trucking law can help you avoid getting points added to your record and fight to keep your record clean.