Oklahoma CDL Tickets

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If You Get A Ticket In Oklahoma

Any time you receive a ticket, points will be added to your driving record. The accumulation of points on your record can be harmful to your career, sometimes even resulting in the permanent end of your ability to drive a commercial vehicle. You simply can’t afford to risk the inability to work due to your driving record. Make sure you contact an experienced, knowledgeable attorney who understands commercial driving law before you pay any ticket or agree to appear in court. It can change the outcome for you and your career.

If you are driving a commercial vehicle in Oklahoma, be aware that state law requires all commercial vehicle drivers to notify his or her employer of any traffic violation within thirty (30) days of the conviction. If you are convicted of a traffic violation in another state, you are also required to notify the Oklahoma Department of Motor Vehicles.

The state of Oklahoma uses the point system for traffic violations, which can lead to higher insurance costs and, for those with excessive points on their records, even a license suspension or revocation. Keeping your driving record in good standing is the most important thing you can do for your career. Make sure you have a legal professional on your side who understands the laws and how they affect commercial drivers specifically.