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A Message From The American Trucking Associations


Dear ATA Member,

Following President Trump's address, we understand that FMCSA will be issuing an emergency proclamation suspending federal hours-of-service (HOS) regulations for operations engaged in emergency relief related to COVID-19. We expect FMCSA to post the specific criteria of this proclamation on their website, including clarifying information about the types of loads and work covered.  Motor Carriers and drivers remain responsible for ensuring that drivers are receiving sufficient rest and are not operating fatigued. ATA will continue to monitor any emergency proclamations and will notify ATA membership as soon as they become available. For more information, please reach out to the ATA Safety Policy Team.

Additionally, Congress and the President are negotiating an initial emergency legislative package, which is scheduled to be taken up in the House soon, most likely today.  ATA legislative staff are reviewing the current package and negotiations, and an update will be shared later today with a summary of that package.  There is also discussion of future legislation that could be taken up as early as next week.  Areas like sick leave, small business assistance, food assistance and other areas are all under review.  The situation is fluid and changing daily, if not hourly, but we are tracking your calls and input and tracking work by policymakers.  Stay tuned.


Thank you.

Dan Horvath
Vice President, Safety Policy
American Trucking Associations
Direct:  703-838-8804 Cell: 814-322-2978