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CSA Headaches


Concerns over CSA are nothing new to the trucking industry, but it appears mainstream media is starting to grasp the initiative’s impact on the driver shortage.

A recent story in the Memphis Daily News pointed out how the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration enforcement program – otherwise known as Compliance, Safety, Accountability - is making it tougher to fill driver spots. Critics say the crackdown on driver safety records is forcing too many truckers out of the business and simultaneously dissuading other potential recruits.

“There’s a shortage of drivers,” a trucking executive explained to the Memphis publication. “CSA has affected us greatly. A lot of drivers were taken out of the pool, so to speak. Freight is really picking up, which I feel is a good sign that the economy is about to take a turn for us. You are seeing more companies that have freight but unfortunately a lot of drivers have left the industry in the last few years.”

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