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Chain, Chain, Chain


Here’s a heads-up to all truckers who will be driving through Colorado over the next nine months. Chain Law began this week along I-70 for all commercial vehicles driving between milepost 133 (the Edwards exit) and milepost 259 (Morrison exit).

That means you need to carry sufficient snow chains. Under Chain Law level 1, all single drive axle combination commercial vehicles must chain-up whenever snow is covering any part of the traveled portion of the pavement on an ascending grade. Chain Law level 2 requires all commercial vehicles to chain-up, and applies anytime there is snow covering the entire traveled portion of payment on an ascending grade.

Colorado transportation officials have worked to ensure truckers have a safe place to chain-up, with 21 chain stations along the I-70 west corridor and several more along the east corridor.

With a summer setting records for heat across much of the country, it’s odd to think about snow – but believe it or not, it’s that time of year already.

Have a safe and enjoyable Labor Day weekend!


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