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DOT now eyeing shorter pause options for drivers' 14-hour duty clock



With expanded authority, FMCSA ramps up offsite compliance reviews of motor carriers

With hours overhaul near, FMCSA now considering pilot program to test other HOS reforms

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is seeking public comment on a pilot program to allow additional hours of service regulatory relief by allowing participating drivers to pause their on-duty driving period with one an off-duty period up to three hours.

The notice comes just a month out from a new HOS rule taking effect, Sept. 29, that allows drivers to pause split their off-duty time into segments of minimums of two hours and seven hours — and thus the ability to split their 14-hour duty clock up, too.

This new public comment period by FMCSA looks for feedback on off-duty breaks of as few as thirty minutes — and not more than three hours — to be allowed to pause the 14-hour on-duty window as long as the driver takes 10 hours off-duty at the end of the work shift (thus outside split-sleeper-berth cycles). Participation in the proposed pilot program, proposed to operate for three years or less, would be limited to a certain number of CDL driver who meet the criteria specified for participating. The goal: to gather statistically reliable evidence to analyze the safety and feasibility of such a modification to the hours of service.


Original article provided by:  https://www.ccjdigital.com/ccj-daily-dispatch-aug-31-dot-now-eyeing-shorter-pause-options-for-drivers-14-hour-duty-clock/


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