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HOS Listening Sessions Announced


Last Friday, the FMCSA announced its plans to hold a public listening session on Febuary 17 in Arlington, Virginia to discuss the proposed Hours of Service (HOS) rulemaking. In addition to the live event, it will also be broadcast online and viewable at www.fmcsa.dot.gov. Viewers will also be allowed to ask their own questions and submit commentary online.

The proposed rule change has already had more than 1,100 official comments filed with the FMCSA on the issue.

The proposed changes were brought about after the Obama administration signed a ligigation agreement with four groups who had filed suit against the current HOS rules. They agreed that the FMCSA would review the current HOS rules and allow them to go back through the rulemaking process.

The official HOS proposed rulemaking was announced on December 23 and posted to the Federal Register on December 29. Commenting on the proposed HOS changes is open until February 28, 2011.

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