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The Fight Over Hours of Service


The Hours of Service issue has come to a head yet again. This past December, the FMCSA announced their proposed changes to the HOS rules. The proposed changes are currently available for comments until February 28, 2011, but the FMCSA seems to be the one of the few organizations in favor of the change. Individual drivers and trucking organizations have expressed their disapproval of the proposed changes.

Some say that the changes would slow the economy and emphasize the driver shortage the United States is already facing. By cutting the driving time down one hour (to 10 hours max) and limiting the driving time that can be completed at night, when traffic congestion is lower will definitely have an substantial impact on the industry.

What are your thoughts on the issue? In a time where the trucking industry has had its best safety record, do you think these changes are needed? Let us know your thoughts - comment below or send us your responses on twitter or facebook.


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