Texas CDL Information

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Texas CDL Information


Texas CDL Requirements

Although many of the laws and requirements for commercial drivers are designated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and implemented nationally, there are also many regulations designated by each state that will affect commercial drivers and those who are preparing to apply for their commercial driver licenses. If you are planning to apply for a CDL in the state of Texas, you will be required to provide several documents, which may vary depending on the type of license you are seeking. You can find a guide to requirements in the state of Texas and the steps for applying at the link above.


If You Get A Ticket In Texas

If you are currently a licensed commercial driver and receive a ticket in the state of Texas, there are laws and requirements that are specific to Texas that you should know. It’s important to remember that laws and fines vary by state, so having an attorney who has experience in every state’s trucking laws will always save you time and money – and most importantly, help you keep your driving record in good standing. We’ve provided an overview of some of Texas’ legal procedures for commercial drivers at the link above.