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Drivers Legal Plan is an actual national law firm dedicated to protecting the rights of truck drivers, and therefore the interests of trucking companies.

Drivers Legal Plan Commemorates 30th Anniversary.

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Why Choose Drivers Legal Plan?

Drivers Legal Plan was designed in 1991 by trucking company executives who recognized that with the advent of the CDL, unnecessary traffic convictions were going to have a deep and detrimental effect on their companies’ safety profiles and driver retention records. With DOT audits, CSA ratings, consistently changing CDL requirements, skyrocketing insurance and driver replacement costs, the days of “fire and rehire” are ending.

Driver Benefits Include:
  • Most affordable plan on the market
  • FREE DATAQ challenge included
  • Over 350,000 cases defended
  • Covered 24/7, in any vehicle you drive
  • No limit on attorney hours – start-to finish
Carrier Benefits Include:
  • Minimize detrimental effects of CSA
  • Send the right message
  • Maintain DOT Compliance
  • Minimize Liability and Increase Safety
  • Lawsuit Immunity

The basic concept of the Plan is simple: to make the highest quality CDL legal representation available to the driver force, and to make it affordable.


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When your livelihood depends on your good driving record, you need someone on your side as soon as an incident happens. You are protected 24 hours a day with our team of commercial driving legal experts; all for one low fixed rate and no additional charges - ever.

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Jim C. KlepperChairman of Drivers Legal Plan®
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